Wistkar warehouses Project/ completed

Project: supply, installation, operating, tests, delivering and manpower for cables, kiosk transformers, panels, boards, lighting poles, switche gear and all other required functions. Client: Wistkar showrooms and warehouses complex Location: Slemani, Iraq Duration: 14 working months Budget: Approximately 3M USD Status: Completed For more information:07701520470Yatay groupAddress: A1, 8th building, Zaiton city, Slemaniwww.yataygroup.comInfo@yataygroup.com

25MVA 33/11 Mobile power station

Supply and installing 25MVA 33/11 Mobile power station with all related equipment for Bahashty Shar residential Project Kalar/ Ongoing

11Kv switchgear, 2500Kva step-up transformer

Supplying and installing Power Station For Wistkar warehouses and Showroom complex, which is Consist of 11Kv switchgear, 2500Kva step-up transformer, and all related equipments Slemani/ ongoing.

Under grounding

Under grounding (13lines) of 30 kilometers 11kva feeders of ( Nishtman station) for Wistkar warehouses and showroom complex project. In Slemani / 2021.